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A vasectomy is a form of permanent birth control for men. Each year, approximately 500,000 men choose to undergo this safe, effective procedure.
A vasectomy involves separating the tubes (vas deferentia) that lead from the testicles and the epididymides, where sperm is stored, to the prostate. It is from the prostate that semen is expelled upon ejaculation. By separating the tubes, sperm are unable to travel to the prostate and be expelled, which renders the semen sterile. Sperm will still be produced by the testicles, but will be reabsorbed into the body, a natural process that also occurs if ejaculation has not happened for some period of time.

Will it work?

The vasectomy procedure generally has high success rates and provides permanent results unless surgically corrected with avasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy).
While it is possible for the sperm ducts to spontaneously rejoin, this is extremely uncommon. Fewer than 0.02% of the men who undergo the vasectomy procedure report persistent sperm in the ejaculate.